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Lost For Words is a highly interactive games-based program which has been designed to improve and expand vocabulary


This innovative and fun program enables you to utilise new vocabulary by creating situations where you make decisions about words and how and where they should most appropriately be used.  


By developing your word power, Lost For Words will enhance your reading, spelling and comprehension skills, enrich your written and spoken vocabulary, and effectively improve your creative writing ability.  


Flexible, Fun and Powerful!





Lost For Words has been designed to meet the needs of a wide age and ability range. The flexible design enables students to choose their own area of study and ongoing scores enable them to gauge their own progress. It is highly suitable for group work as well as individual study and is proving to be popular with even the most reluctant students of English!


Lost For Words is divided into 15 parts.  Each part is a fully integrated stand-alone learning unit containing 5 vocabulary-linked elements in the form of games and activities:


DEFINITIONS - is designed to introduce and test your understanding of new words.

SENTENCES - game tests your ability to use those words in the context of a sentence. 

YOU ARE THE AUTHOR - then challenges you to use the words you have learned within a piece of creative writing. 

SPELLING - reinforces learning by testing recognition of the words.

FOR INTEREST - provides dozens of thematically linked ideas for lesson plans, discussion and classroom activities.



Lost For Words

"A superb program . . . colourful, slick and imaginative - a powerful mechanism for bringing about deep learning, which is also great fun to play.  The clever incremental design means that new words are consolidated into students' vocabularies, while the 'For Interest' sections prompt innovative and ambitious learning situations.  The structure of each section gives plenty of scope for project-based teaching, as well as 'bite-sized' activities for everyday skills building.  Highly flexible, and sure to benefit a wide range of ages and abilities - strongly recommended!"

Senior Lecturer, English and Creative Writing, The University of Salford.

School Single Machine Copy - £95.00 


Network Version and Unlimited Lifetime Site Licence - £495.00 *

* One-off payment. Allows Unlimited Lifetime Use on School Network. 

School Single Machine Copy - £95.0

* One-off payment . Allows unlimited student use.


Network Version and Unlimited Lifetime Site Licence - £495.00 *

* One-off payment. Allows unlimited lifetime use on School Network. 

All products require PC running Windows 10 or above.

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