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Already in use in thousands of schools across the UK  and ideal for SATS and GCSE, 'Challenge Macbeth' is a highly interactive program which helps to make Macbeth  easy to understand and fun to study! 


Fun, flexible and comprehensive!


Choose your own area of study from the Play, Plot, Language, Characters or Themes, then, choose from dozens of optional games and activities, which reinforce learning and enable you to keep track of your own progress by providing ongoing scores at each stage.

Beautifully illustrated!

Over two hundred beautifully illustrated text screens help to bring the Plot, Characters, Language and Themes to life. Whilst optional voice-overs and narration on all screens by actors help to improve reading skills and enable students to hear how the plays should be performed.


Challenge Macbeth thoroughly explores the Plot, Characters, Language and Themes and includes:

12 Plot Levels - which break down the story into manageable illustrated segments.
 Character Levels - fully illustrated which explore each character and include key quotes.
18 Language Levels dealing with all key action points within the play which help to unravel Shakespeare's true meaning.
4 Theme Levels covering key motives and ideas explored by Shakespeare.
The Play in its entirety with each scene illustrated.
A Picture Story - made up of 30 illustrations telling the entire story in pictures for quick revision.
Games - Dozens of optional animated interactive games and activities after each level which reinforce learning and enable you to gauge your own progress.
Voice-overs and Narration on all sections by actors help improve literacy skills

Ideas - dozens of ideas for further activities and  lesson plans.

SATS and GCSE - Challenge Romeo and Juliet is an ideal study aid for SATS and GCSE examinations and is flexible enough to meet the needs of a wide age and ability range.





"All our pupils have thoroughly enjoyed using the program, we have noticed positive by-products of using the CD-ROM, extra reading lessons, pure excitement when groups of 2 or 3 children work together, novel ways of understanding the plot, characters and themes, and feelings of achievement.  Pupils tell me they don’t forget the acts and scenes when they work on the CD-ROM."    Head of English, Farringdon Community School, Newcastle


"A very useful resource. The variety of activities and the impressive production values are obvious.  I like the idea of challenging students against the clock!"

Head of English,  Formby High School,  Southport


School Single Machine Copy - £95.00 

* ​One-off payment. Allows unlimited student use.


Network Version and Unlimited Lifetime Site Licence - £495.00 *

* One-off payment. Allows unlimited lifetime use on School Network. 

All products require PC running Windows 10 or above.

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