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"Masses of text and learning games with interesting content and. delightful graphics...designed to fit National Curriculum requirements and excellent value," The Times.

"Studying Shakespeare needn't be a bore any more with this interactive CD ROM. Shakespeare has been made more fun for students and easier to understand. If Romeo and Juliet is part of your curriculum you'll need this!" The Daily Mirror.

"This really is the modern face of teaching and learning material … a stunning fusion of art, technology and literary learning…  I wish I’d had something like this when I was at school!" Romana Hussein (Lecturer) John Moores University.


' Lost Fior Words is a big hit with our teachers and our students.' Barnet and Southgate College - Community and Adult skills.

Challenge Products are in use in thousands of schools in the UK. Click on the pages below to view some of our customers.

"There is nothing comparable on the market at the moment...It caters for the entire age range.  The program has enormous potential as a learning and revision aid for SATS and GCSE and indeed anyone studying Shakespeare."

Head of English- Alsop High School

"An excellent product - interesting and stimulating…. A very useful product for all ages" Head of English - St George Of England High School

“The CD-ROM is a fabulous colourful resource which makes learning fun, it is both student and more importantly, teacher friendly. It provides outstanding opportunities for lower ability students to see that Shakespeare is not scary and can be fun and accessible and provides solid learning and independent study use for the high ability students.”

Head of English – Newland School for girls,London

"A superb program . . . colourful, slick and imaginative - a powerful mechanism for bringing about deep learning, which is also great fun to play.  The clever incremental design means that new words are consolidated into students' vocabularies, while the 'For Interest' sections prompt innovative and ambitious learning situations.  The structure of each section gives plenty of scope for project-based teaching, as well as 'bite-sized' activities for everyday skills building.  Highly flexible, and sure to benefit a wide range of ages and abilities - strongly recommended!"

Senior Lecturer, English and Creative Writing, The University of Salford.

"It is well worth English teachers taking a look at this program…It is very flexible and helps to improve reading and comprehension skills as well as encouraging independent learning."

English Advisor - Liverpool Education Directorate.

"Thank you very much for letting me try 'Challenge Romeo and Juliet'.  I am normally unimpressed by technological study aids , but I thought this particularly good and academically searching."

Lecturer in English - Halton College

“Absolutely excellent!" -

Head of English - Hartford County High School

."All our students have thoroughly enjoyed using the program, we have noticed positive by-products of using the CD-ROM…  novel ways of understanding the plot, characters and themes, and feelings of achievement.  Students tell me they don’t forget the acts and scenes when they work on the CD-ROM." 

SENCO - Farringdon Community School Newcastle

"This is an excellent product! Its great fun and easy to use."

English Co-ordinator -Walton St Mary's County Primary School

"A very useful resource. The variety of activities and the impressive production values are obvious.  I like the idea of challenging students against the clock!"

Head of English -  Formby High School- Southport

'"An excellent product and  extremely useful for literacy hour work. Our children have really enjoyed using the program".

English Co-ordinator - Hindsford Primary School



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